17 February 2013


After all the effort of fixing my blog layout, here I am being a lazy bum to blog just as how I used to. First of all, I can't edit my template... I want to change the info 'Turning 19 soon' to 'Unfortunately 19'. I've already forgotten how. Meh, I'll mind it later. (Oh gosh, I wish I can insert emoji here) XD

Okay, let's stop being random and get back to business. I'm going to blog about Valentine's Day! The day for V and D. Hahaha. I'm joking okay... Unless you want to take it seriously, you put ass on embarrass. Have I mention to stop about being random. Imma start my story in 5...4...3...2...1

(Insert normal face here) 

Last year, I spent Valentine's day with the same person whom I spent it this year. No other than, myself. Lol joking... I spent it my boyfriend (duh). But last year is just a 'friendly date' not a couple-kiss-and-hug-me day. The story goes...

The Vow is the movie I wanted to watch last year but I don't want to watch it by myself. I don't want to watch it with my parents because they're not a fan of cinemas neither with my brother, just coz the movie is a love story and it will be very awkward especially when people start to think that we're couple. 

I tweeted and asked anyone who wants to watch it with me, it will be my shout since my birthday just passed before Valentine's. I purposedly tweeted it when Josh was online. Hahaha. Don't judge, everyone who reads my blog knows that Josh is my crush way back last year. Cupid heard me and booom Josh replied and told me he'll go with me! I was excited and all that because it's Valentine's and I'm going to be with my crush. :"> I didn't intend to watch The Vow on Valentine's day but Idk, what's meant to be will be. Lol, joke.

One year has passed quickly because this year, we're going to celebrate Valentine's day for the second time but as a couple. We can call it a date with couple-kiss-and-hug-me day. Haha! Our plan is to watch Hansel and Gretel at Hoyts then eat at Hog's Breath and Cafe because I have a voucher. Since I'm being burara, I misplaced the voucher. >.> 

We planned to see each other at 3 coz the movie will start at 4:15. What do you expect, Filipino time and I take ages to get myself pretty. I left the house at 3:30 then went to pick up Josh, as soon as he hops in the car he told me to turn my back then he putted a necklace with my name. :"> He gave me flowers and chocolates too! ♥ We went straight to Te Awa and watched Hansel and Gretel, we were late but thankful that they still let us in. I really enjoyed the movie, when I'm scared of the witches I cover my eyes and hide from Josh's shoulder. XD

After the movie, we went to The Warehouse first before we decided where to eat. I bought my niece nappies because it's on sale and Josh bought a perfume for his mom. :) we then left The Base straight away and just decided where to eat while we're on our way to town. He told me 'McDo na lang?' I answered him with 'No!! It's Valentine's, I don't want McDo' :)) in every dinner date we had, it's been like a tradition to eat somewhere we haven't tried. We decided to eat at Ming City. I ordered sizzling fish then teriyaki chicken for him. All served with side salad, miso soup and rice. We ordered banana split for our dessert! Which is super yummy. :D we finished our dinner around 8pm and decided not to go home yet coz we will help my Ate to prepare for my niece's birthday on Saturday. I spent the rest of my night with my boyfriend full of love and laughs. I hope that this is not our last time to celebrate Valentine's together. :) I love you! ♥♥♥ 

Sorry for a very long blog but too late, you just read all of it. :)) Thanks for reading and God bless!

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